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Photovoltaic Systems

ic_fotovoltaicoModule support structures

Metalforme installs module support structures for photovoltaic systems mounted either on the ground or on parking canopies. The “BARFIX” product range includes structures with both driven pile foundations, as well as the rapid anchoring and patented “BARFIX ROOT SYSTEM”. The range of SUNPARK canopies is available with either a cast concrete foundation or a prefabricated above-ground foundation.

Renewable Energy

ic_eolicoMini wind power and hydropower

Mini wind power and mini hydropower plants , represent an important resource in many agricultural and mountainous areas. Eolika is a Metalforme company that designs and manufactures MINI WIND POWER plants throughout Italy based on its own detailed anemometric research and studies, thus allowing it to provide its partner investors with readings taken directly from the production sites.. Eolika, also designs, develops and builds small‘turnkey’ ,hydropower plants.

Concrete precasting

icon-prefabbricati2Systems and formwork

Metalforme has been specialized for many years in the construction of systems and formwork (shuttering) for the industrial prefabrication of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete elements. ICarousel systems, Tracks and Formwork, Dispensing systems for  civil and industrial construction, roadwork, agricultural work, high speed applications  and complementary equipment. We offer complete technical consulting and partnership services, with installation available worldwide.

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